Roll and Release Sessions during Megaformer Challenge

Roll and Release Sessions during Megaformer Challenge

Every Saturday during Megaformer Challenge you can loosen up those tight muscles in Roll and Release with Kylie Pearsall 'KP. Here's why it's the perfect way to recover… 

It’s KP here! I’m a physiotherapist with a special interest in movement, I have a post grad in pelvic floor rehabilitation and further qualifications in clinical pilates, yoga of all forms and meditation. I make a mean cold brew coffee and sometimes I DJ. Here at LA Fit, I teach Ride and am the mindfulness coach for this year’s Megaformer Challenge, having completed two myself. I’m also offering roll and release sessions every Saturday during the challenge to help you recover and set you up to create the changes you want to see at the end of May.

We roll to stimulate and nourish the fascia of the body, it’s like the connective tissue fabric of the body that wraps around and between our working muscles – which are currently being challenged by our sessions on the Megaformer.

If you aren’t sure what fascia is, peel an orange.The white pith layer inside the orange under the skin is kind of how fascia works in our bodies. It wraps around our muscle fibres, between muscles, over muscles and joints, it’s kind of like a giant glad wrap layer that is all connected to every other part like a big continuous mesh.

So if it gets stuck somewhere, movement can be limited in many directions.

There are a few ways fascia gets stuck… repeated movements, heavy lifting, prolonged positions, not being adequately hydrated, dietary factors – anything sounding familiar?

As you may already be aware, mobility determines how much force a muscle can produce – ie. How strong you can get is determined by how MOBILE you are…

So if you’re looking to get stronger this May, to promote recovery and mobility so you can get more out of your challenge, then get yourself along!

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Roll and Release Sessions during Megaformer Challenge
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