Team LA Fit



Director, Lagree Fitness Instructor

What do you bring to class?

My alter ego, Party Peaches, comes out when I’m on the mic! Peaches doesn’t mess around, but her killer routines come complete with banging playlists, a good dose of cheeky humour. You’ll love to hate every minute in the Mega room, sweat your box off in the Ride room, and leave with a huge smile every time.

What do you love about Lagree?

Lagree is hands-down, my all-time-favourite workout. Ever. I love how strong it makes me feel, I love what it does for my body, I love it! My love for Lagree is why LA Fit exists.

What do you love about LA Fit?

I love that we have created a space that people want to show up to every day. To work out and to work in. Our team and our community are awesome. I’m so proud of what we have achieved together.