Team LA Fit



Lagree Fitness Instructor

What do you bring to class?

Good vibes, tunes and, of course, the burn!!

What do you love about Lagree?

The diverse and dynamic nature of the classes. Each session is unique, ensuring that every time you leave, you feel the satisfying sweat and burn. Since embarking on my Lagree journey, my core and body have toned up more than with any other exercise, and the best part is it’s low-impact! Being able to connect your mind with your body has such an incredible effect on your progression and I love to keep developing those skills.

What do you love about LA Fit?

It has to be the community! Before becoming an instructor, I was a client and everyone was so welcoming that I decided becoming a part of the LA Fit team was the dream. Being from the UK, the community really does feel like a home away from home.