Training Pregnant with Member Sophie Ulker

Training Pregnant with Member Sophie Ulker


Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits. Unless advised otherwise by your doctor, it is absolutely safe to continue training in any method you have been doing prior to falling pregnant with the appropriate modifications. At LA Fit, many of our clients continue training through their pregnancies, for as long as it feels right for them.

Exercising while pregnant:

  • Boosts energy, reduces stress
  • Reduces pregnancy discomfort
  • Prepares your body for childbirth
  • Gets your body back faster after childbirth

Our member Sophie exercised while she was pregnant with her baby Max. Sophie is a Lagree Fitness devotee, coming regularly over the last four years. She kept coming to class while pregnant, attending classes right up until four weeks before Max arrived.

After a brief break, Sophie is back. We chat to Sophie about how she feels being back on the Megaformer and how the class helped stay strong during pregnancy.

Congratulations on your baby Max! How are you feeling?
Thank you so much! He is just amazing and I can’t believe he is 10 months already! I am feeling great (now)… my pregnancy wasn’t super easy so it’s nice to start feeling fit again. Gaining 30kg was not something I was ever expecting, although I was regularly exercising, walking and trying to eat healthily. The weight gain took a heavy toll on me both physically and mentally. So you can imagine how excited I am to be back on the Megaformer!

Why is Megaformer your class of choice?
I have done sports and exercise my entire life and I’ve tried most things, but I’ve never come across anything as awesome as Lagree Fitness. I remember my first session on the Megaformer, it was love at first shake! It really doesn’t matter how long you have been a Lagree addict there are always opportunities to challenge yourself, both physically and mentally, which is why I love it!

You were doing Megaformer while pregnant. How different is it to training normally?
To be honest, I didn’t really do any other form of exercise while pregnant, I just kept to the Megaformer. The Megaformer allowed me to stay strong while taking care of the bump, in a controlled and low impact way, which is what I was told to do by my OB. Don’t get me wrong, it was still super hard, even with the ‘easier’ preggo lady options. The instructors were so helpful and knowledgeable. 

How did it help with your pregnancy?
It helped me stay sane, my weight gain really made it difficult for me to move like I would normally, so the Megaformer was a lifesaver! Lagree isn’t just physical exercise for me, it pushes me mentally as well – for me the mental battle is so much harder than the physical one. I can get lazy very easily.

You’re back doing two classes a week after a break. Did you miss us?
So much! I just love you guys! I wish I had time to do more! I had to wait quite a while before I was allowed back on the Megaformer, and now that I am I will never let go (seriously)! I tried signing up to the gym, just while I was recovering, but it just didn’t do it for me… It felt like I was dating the lesser Hemsworth brother (no offence). I didn’t just miss the shake and burn, I missed the LA Fit culture. There’s such good energy at the studio from the moment you walk in! I love it!

What about Ride? Shock to the system?
Total shock! I can’t even remember walking out of the room after my first ride session. I think Jacinta mumbled something to me in slow motion and I just looked at her thinking ‘What?’. Haha. I must admit though, I’ve never been big on the whole cardio thing, but I knew I would have to try Ride at some point. Turns out I actually really enjoy it, although I’m not super good at it just yet. I’ll get there though. 

Are you looking to strengthen any particular muscle groups or have any new Megaformer goals?
My first goal is to get my core back on track, which is getting stronger every week! Oh and legs for summer please! Megaformer goals are hard to set, in my opinion, you can always make a move harder so the goal post never stands still.  

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Training Pregnant with Member Sophie Ulker
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