Training with Your Bestie…Jade

Training with Your Bestie…Jade

Running low on motivation? There’s nothing like training with your bestie. 

You’re less likely to flake on classes because you’ve committed to someone else. You spur each other on, and when one of you is struggling, the other can lift you up and help you get back on track. There are so many benefits to having a friend on side!

We’ve had many dynamic duos at LA Fit throughout the years. Most recently though, Jade Barnett and Kirsty Dallachey have been hitting LA Fit like two peas in a pod. And both the girls have experienced some amazing results! 

We caught up with Jade, one of our Megaformer devotees to see how training with Kirsty has helped her at LA Fit. 

We love having you and Kirsty train with us! How did you two meet?

When Kirsty moved to Perth, she started working at The Old Laundry in North Perth where my partner is venue manager. We became friends from there.

What motivated you to join LA Fit?

Kirsty showed me LA Fit on Insta and they had an offer on so we decided to give it a go. Not long after we joined, there was the Megaformer challenge and we did that too. We were both hooked.

You have both experienced some awesome results from Megaformer. What has been the most impressive change physically?

My overall body shape has changed. I have definitely become more toned and trim.

You’ve mentioned before you haven't been able to stick to one workout in the past. What is it about Megaformer that has made you stick around?

I’m not a fan of gyms or big group exercise. I enjoy small classes, and I like the fact the instructor corrects your posture and helps you out. I don’t enjoy intense cardio workouts, but LA fit gives me enough of the “burn” without feeling like a sweaty mess. Also 45 minutes goes really quick!

How has training with Kirsty helped you at LA Fit?

We tend to book our classes together, which makes it more difficult to cancel on each other. And on the weekend we use it as an excuse to get coffee.

How many Mega sessions a week do you think achieves the best results?

For the first 1.5 years, I only did two classes a week and I saw results. Just recently, I upped my classes to three a week.

Training with Your Bestie...Jade
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