Welcome to Club 500 Libby Sadler

Welcome to Club 500 Libby Sadler

We would like to give a BIG high five to our member Libby Sadler who was the first to make it to Club 500!

What’s Club 500? It’s for LA Fit members who have completed 500 classes. Libby has actually now completed over 800 Megaformer classes. That’s a hell of a lot of four-second burns and we couldn't be more proud.

So much can change in four years. And we have seen Libby come back week after week, wowing us all with her commitment and consistency.

We chat to Libby about her LA Fit journey, and how she stays motivated and keeps coming back to Megaformer.

Tell us all about your LA Fit journey. Why did you join?

I was looking for a new challenge with my training and thinking of trying Pilates. My friend Jacinta told me about Megaformer, a new pilates method she was training to teach in and invited me and a few friends to a practice class. I gave it a go and was hooked! I started with a class pack then moved to a membership of 2 classes a week, then 3 classes a week, and now I do 4 classes a week.

What was it like in the beginning? And how has your fitness improved after 500 classes?

In the beginning it was challenging – learning the moves, understanding the machine and getting use to moving super slowly. It hurt (in a good way) but I loved it because I’d never found any training that worked my butt, abs and obliques so effectively. After more than 4 years of Lagree-ing, I definitely feel stronger.

What do you enjoy about being a part of the LA Fit community?

I love that LA Fit is a small community and everyone is so friendly.

Seeing as you’ve completed over 800 Megaformer classes (that’s a hell of a lot), can you share a secret (or three) on staying motivated and consistent with your training?

  • Loving the workout: There’s nothing like the Lagree burn!  
  • Having a routine: It doesn’t matter how busy I am at work or how many wines I might have had the night before, I always make time to get to class – and I feel better for it.
  • Mixing it up: Every class is different so I never get bored. And even after 800 classes, every class is still a challenge.

Inspired by Libby's incredible effort? You'll make Club 500 in no time. Book your next Megaformer class.

Welcome to Club 500 Libby Sadler
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