Welcome to Our New Megaformer Instructor…Hannah Murphy

Welcome to Our New Megaformer Instructor…Hannah Murphy

You may have already seen this big, sparkling ball of energy around LA Fit. Hannah helps our members get their groove on in Ride a couple of times a week.

We’ll now be sharing Hannah’s enthusiasm across even more LA Fit classes because she’s jumping on the Megaformer bandwagon!

Hannah is super excited to give you all a solid shake and burn. We catch up with the Mega instructor to see how she’s feeling about her new role.

How has your LA Fit journey been so far?

Honestly, it’s been AMAZING. Working with such wonderful like minded people and feeling super loved and appreciated in a workplace is so important. It has truly made my time at LA Fit so enjoyable. I love the vibe and energy as soon as you walk through the door. I have made some beautiful friends through LA Fit, and I’m even more excited to get to know more of you in the Mega room.

You’ve been teaching Ride for a while now. What made you want to become a Mega Instructor as well?

I am always looking to broaden my horizons and learn more within the health and fitness industry. The more I can learn and teach others, the more I can help people reach their fitness goals. I have a huge passion and love for human anatomy and movement, which is strengthened through my Physiotherapy degree. Now I can apply that knowledge on the Megaformer.

You have quite the fitness history. What do you think makes Megaformer so different?

Lagree's method of slow and steady controlled movement means you really do feel the burn on the Megaformer. As well as being low impact, it’s a great option for those with injuries who want a killer workout without the load on their joints.

What’s your favourite Megaformer move?

I LOVE working the peach! Who doesn’t, right?! So you’ll always see a bungee or mega donkey kicks in my classes as they are my absolute fave!!! I also love teaching spider lunge or any lunge series! Love working the legs!

What energy are you looking to bring to your classes?

Vibrant, fun and enthusiastic energy! My aim is to get you walking out of class feeling rejuvenated and alive. Everyone deserves to feel amazing after a workout, so I hope I can help you achieve that. Prepare to work in my class, guys!!

Feel the burn with Hannah

Welcome to Our New Megaformer Instructor...Hannah Murphy
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