Welcome to Our New Ride Instructor Roxy

Welcome to Our New Ride Instructor Roxy

Roxy has been an LA Fit instructor for a year. She’s been helping us shake and burn in the Megaformer room, and we have loved her attention to detail and ability to understand different fitness levels.

When Roxy was first introduced to LA Fit, she wanted to be a Ride instructor but felt she didn’t have the right personality for the job. After becoming immersed in the LA Fit culture, she saw Ride from a different perspective and realised she would challenge herself. And she did!

From being afraid of talking in front of crowds, to being on the bike in front of a whole class, Roxy proves we can all overcome a challenge if we put our mind to it.

We sat down with Roxy to hear how she's built up her confidence and became more comfortable on the bike.

Oh, hey! You’ve been an LA Fit Megaformer Instructor for almost a year! Congrats! What’s the journey been like so far?

It’s been an adventure and a big learning experience. I’ve grown in confidence, and built amazing relationships with our wonderful community. I love hearing their feedback and getting to know what they want from their classes. I feel like I’m challenging them and challenging myself. I love a good challenge!

It’s also been such a great part of my fitness journey. A few years back, I was working in an unhealthy industry. Now that I’m working in fitness, I appreciate how fitness can truly change you. It gives you confidence – mentally, physically and emotionally. You test your boundaries and go beyond your comfort zone.

What inspired you to add ‘Ride Instructor’ to your bag of tricks?

When I was first introduced to LA Fit a year ago, I was actually in the process of becoming a Ride instructor. But I lacked confidence and questioned my ability up on that bike. Because I am a technical person who enjoys the details, the LA Fit team suggested I teach Megaformer instead. I loved Megaformer straight away. And as I got to know Ride a little more, I saw a different side. I saw it from an instructor’s point of view and felt I was ready for the challenge.

We recently had a one-week training session with the well-renowned fitness coach and Ride expert Emma Masters. What was that like?

It was life-changing. As I mentioned, when I went through my first round of Ride training, I didn’t feel like I had the characteristics of a Ride instructor. But this time around, our master trainer Emma Masters lit a fire in my belly and made me realise I can still be me and teach Ride. Own your personlity and give that to the Ride room. That was really good for me to learn. 

When Emma takes a Ride class, she has an ability to make you feel like a completely different person than you were when you walked in, and she has this same effect on me during this training. I am someone who wants to know all the details before I give something a go. Emma gave us so much information to make us feel comfortable. I took a lot from her.

What tips from Emma will you be employing in your classes?

  • The importance of music in the Ride room. It tells a story and this emotion inspires riders to give it their all!
  • Leave an impact on each class. You want your class to feel different from when they arrived.
  • Finding your personality on stage and letting it shine through. Don’t worry about people thinking you look silly. Have fun and be that example.
  • Empower people to push themselves outside their comfort zones
  • Always be open to feedback. We are all learning and constructive criticism is part of that process.

Ride and Megaformer are obviously very different classes to attend. But what about teaching them? What do they require from you as an instructor?

Ride is obviously high energy. It’s about excitement and enthusiasm. You need to connect with your class on a different level from Megaformer. You want them to feel elated when they leave. Megaformer is more about slow attention. It’s meditative. I love them both

What energy are you looking to bring to your Ride classes?

Good question! I want to share the message I have learned from my own Ride journey – to have goals, challenge yourself, and to feel like anything is achievable. Some journeys are winding roads… and they may take a while but if you keep at it, the process will be rewarding. It’s worth it. It’s either a “hard no” or a “hell yes.” Let the “hell yes’s” direct your actions. This is what I want to share with my class.

Get ridin’ with Roxy 6am Tuesday and 5:30pm Thursday at Subiaco. Book your class.

Welcome to Our New Ride Instructor Roxy
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