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Why 15 lagree sessions will make you burn, without the burn out

For a training method to be effective, the intensity must be sufficient to stimulate the body to change. As many of us know, this isn’t easy! Reaching the intensity threshold depends on many factors, such as body type and fitness level, and is different for everyone. For example, someone who is just learning to run long distance would reach their threshold much faster than an experienced marathon runner… but will also see improvements faster when following a dedicated program!

Sebastien Lagree, the creator of Lagree Fitness, has spent over 15 years developing his method. The science behind Lagree Fitness states:

Effective Intensity Exercises + Correct Form + Sufficient Recovery


Improved Performance and Improved Body Composition


Effective Intensity

When the body is trained at an effective intensity and the muscles are being effectively stimulated, results are maximised. So what is ‘effective intensity’ and how do you recognise it?

The technical term is Effective Muscle Stimulation or EMS. You know you’ve reached EMS when you’re sweating, shaking and burning!

Megaformer exercises reach EMS with a trio of:

  • high intensity
  • slow, controlled, continuous tension
  • minimal rest between exercises

and we want you to hit that point in every single class. Not because we’re sick  minded torturers (well, not all of us), but because it’s the fastest way to change your body.

Correct Form

Form is an absolutely critical component of effective exercise. Unfortunately, in the quest for fast results, it is often forsaken for more weight or faster reps…which just leads to one thing. Injury. Pretty hard to smash those fitness goals when you’ve permanently damaged your lower back or knee isn’t it? Aligning your body correctly before you start an exercise, and remaining attentive to it during the move means you will be activating the correct muscles and doing the exercise properly. The mind-body connection is one of the reasons we move slowly and with control in the Lagree method.

Adequate Rest

Eat. Sleep. Rave Workout. Repeat. That awful EDM song definitely had the right idea! Taking a rest day allows your body to recover and muscles to repair, which is necessary for them to build. No rest days equals overtraining. In the short term it means you are too sore to work out to your full potential the next day which is less efficient and therefore a waste of your time. In the long term it can lead to injury and burn out. Ouch.

At LA Fit, we recommend a Megaformer class every other day as the optimum Lagree training schedule, so you can work to your peak in every single session.

Improved Performance

So…what happens when you are doing all the right things – working at effective intensity, with correct form, and taking your rest day off in between? Your strength, flexibility and cardio fitness will improve. This means you’ll be able to stay in each move for longer, taking fewer breaks within each exercise and you’ll transition faster between moves. This keeps your heart rate up and burns more calories. You’ll recover faster so you can work even harder at your next session and your increased muscle mass means you’ll even be burning calories in between classes!

Improved Body Composition

Burning all these calories is how we achieve the #1 fitness goal: improved body composition. You’ll decrease body fat and increase lean muscle, which for most people means you’ll lose weight, tone up and your clothes will fit better.

Haven’t seen a drop on the scales? No sweat. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Body fat percentage is a much better indicator of change than weight is, which is why we do body composition testing for our challenges.

Which leads us to…

The Megaformer Challenge is on again and starts 1 May! Your chance to build a strong body & strong mind in just 31 days – and go in the running to win incredible prizes!

LA Fit has created a Megaformer Challenge Full Package giving you 15 classes for the month (valued at $600!) so you can work out every other day and maximise your results. Plus measurements and health type profiling with PH360, Shae access with personalised in-app workout schedule, nutrition and lifestyle support, Challenge tee and more!

For more info and to join visit the Megaformer Challenge page here.

Get ready to re-write your story!

Why 15 lagree sessions will make you burn, without the burn out
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