Megaformer Challenge... WK 3 feel everything

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LA Fit Studio Megaformer Challenge

Our Lagree Fitness trainer and Megaformer Challenge mentor Kelly Dalby on being present on the Megaformer

It’s Week 3 of Megaformer Challenge… time to feel EVERYTHING there is to feel.

When you are next on the Megaformer check in with how and what you are feeling. Is it…

  • the discomfort of the move?
  • perhaps the safety within it?
  • fear or doubt if you go slower or push yourself?
  • accomplishment or recognition that you are nailing it?!

We check in not to label it as "something" but to choose our next move consciously, based on our findings. Remember last week when we spoke about being present? Be present and check in with how and what you are FEELING during each move.  

We create tension in our muscles during class (on purpose) to stimulate adaptation and growth when we leave the room. We come to class time and time again, knowing it will hurt and that there will be times we want to give up! Stop questioning why we are doing this and start believing in the process.

Remember that discomfort promotes growth. Both physically within the realms of training the body and emotionally following our uncomfortable experiences in our lives. Imagine taking the same level of trust that keeps us coming back to class beyond Megaformer Challenge and into your life off the Megaformer. Discomfort will lead to growth if you are present enough to recognise it’s value.

So this week… feel everything there is to FEEL.



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