Megaformer Challenge... introducing trainer mentoring

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Megaformer Challenge

This year during Megaformer Challenge we've got your back in more ways than one! Our support goes beyond the in class coaching, the nutritional guidance you'll receive and the online love we'll show you in our newsletter and on social media.

Here at LA Fit we understand that CHANGE is a skill in itself, and discomfort sends some running back in the same direction they came from. We also know that your environment has a huge effect on your lifestyle and your choices, and this includes the people you surround yourself with. So in 2017 we are introducing trainer mentoring during Challenge. 

Participants in this year’s Challenge will be mentored by the people who KNOW the moves you love to hate, who see the potential you don't yet believe you have, and who care about your reason for wanting change... YOUR LA Fit instructors. Team LA Fit do this not to (just) torture you but importantly... to empower you. 

What to expect: 

  • Connect with your mentor via phone call prior to week 1 to identify your 'WHY' as well any potential limiting factors 
  • Weekly check ins via email to keep you accountable 
  • Follow up post challenge to reflect on your journey, your feedback and the best options for training should you wish to continue (and trust us, you will be a lagree addict in no time!)

Mentors will be allocated based on the classes you frequent and instructor availability. 


So, you’re thinking about joining the Megaformer Challenge. Yasss! You’re about the change your body and mind for the better. 

Anyone who attends at least 2 Megaformer classes per week at a licensed Lagree Fitness studio can enter, which is 8 sessions in the month. So why is our 1 Month Pass for 15 classes? Read on.

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