Megaformer Challenge... Let's Recommit

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Megaformer Challenge

Take a moment with our Lagree trainer and Megaformer Challenge mentor Kelly Dalby to reflect and recommit 

We are on the homestretch! As we enter Week 4 of the Challenge let's RECOMMIT...

As human beings we have definitely mastered the art of self criticism. This includes beating ourselves up or reminding ourselves of what we haven't yet achieved or perhaps, what we could have done better. But right now, before you read on, I want you to pause... (breathe) and look back on the last 3 weeks ONLY to identify how far you have come. 

You have all:

  1. committed to the Challenge
  2. turned up to class
  3. given your food intake either a thought or even a real makeover

... and that's just the superficial stuff. 

Most of the clients I am mentoring have reported progress on the Megaformer, or progress in the way of noticing past behaviours which is A M A Z I N G! Until we become aware of how we behave, how can we be someone else? This someone else I speak of is no better or worse than this current version of you that you dance around life in...but it IS conscious. Their choices are purposeful, and in the moment, and sometimes those choices still don't fall in line with our goals, but a conscious choice is still better than an unconscious one. The difference is that conscious choices can carry guilt. So friends... OWN your choices and move on. 

Maybe you haven't given the Challenge as much of a go as you would have liked. I have good news... we still have 10 days to go!

  • 10 whole days to start your day with intention
  • 10 whole days to make conscious choices
  • 10 whole days to MOVE because it brings you joy
  • 10 whole days to give your body a stimulus for GROWTH

Change is uncomfortable. Change is a habit in itself yet change does not have to be huge, hectic or life-changing. It just needs to be something... something a little bit better than what you were already doing. Small wins are still WINS, so pause, RECOMMIT and show the next 10 days who is BOSS! 

Kelly Dalby, Picture of Health PT 


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