Member Journey – Skye Scrutton

Our member Skye Scrutton joined LA Fit in July when we reopened. She started with 3 classes per week before absolutely smashing Springo during September. Skye was hooked and is now enjoying our All Access membership.

We take 5 with Skye to find why LA Fit is her happy place.

What made you get started at LA Fit?

Sipping wine at the Brisbane Hotel, I mentioned how I had been a couch potato for far too long and needed to do something about it. Full of Chardonnay-fueled enthusiasm, I grabbed my phone and booked in for a Mega class at Highgate the following day without much thought. Oh boy, I had no idea what I was in for!

We love that you’re putting health and fitness first! What’s been the key factor to make it happen?

Simply making LA Fit part of my routine. Besides that, what really makes it possible is that the classes are wonderfully fun and the 45 minutes just flies by. Especially classes with instructor extraordinaire and my secret girl-crush, Jac.

You’ve been absolutely committed to both Megaformer and Ride. What do you love about Megaformer?

After four knee surgeries in the past few years, I had to give up certain types of exercise. I love that Mega is tough enough to still feel like a hard workout, but without it ruining my knees.

And for a beginner like me, I like that Mega can be modified to be challenging no matter what level you are at … even if I will never remember the wacky names of all the moves!

What do you love about Ride?

The cardio-high and endorphins afterwards! Ride class always transforms my mood and helps me to disconnect from work after a long day in the office.

You had amazing results in your body scan and saw a big increase in muscle mass as well as a drop in body fat. We’d love to know how your body (and of course mind) has transformed.

I have a whole bunch more energy and discovered muscles I forgot I had. (Oh hello obliques, where did you come from?!). But most importantly – on a mental note – I feel much less guilty when I have those wines at the Pub!

Your job used to take you travelling and now you’re based in Perth. We’re all missing travel but are you enjoying being grounded?

It honestly has been quite the adjustment! I am still longing for some jet-setting adventures, but Perth has been a fantastic consolation prize considering the great lifestyle and freedom we have been fortunate to have this year. Now I can’t wait for Summer in WA!

Team LA Fit