Ph360 Testimonial

Our member Jane Douglas took her very first class in September 2019 and hasn’t looked back. Jane enjoys a mix of Megaformer and Ride and is always up for a Challenge!

Six months ago Jane took part in our Fit Your Genes Challenge and discovered ph360. Jane’s ph360 Health Coach Claire chats with Jane on how discovering her health type as a Diplomat has changed her lifestyle and wellbeing.

Since discovering you are a Diplomat how have you changed your approach to food, fitness, lifestyle, work and timing?

Learning I am classified as a Diplomat, and all the recommendations for that health type was eye opening, as I had noticed some of these (e.g. I am a late long sleeper, so early starts are a problem for me) but learning that these weren’t things to “fix” about me, but should be used to optimise my life and fitness to get the best results. It has helped me to understand that there is a reason why I do certain things (like why I need to make sure my study is tidied before I can start working from home) and that if I have the opportunity to completely plan my own day (which is currently mostly the case), when is the optimum time to do things so I am most productive.

Since making those changes to adjust to your health type how are you feeling?

I have found that when I am able to follow the principles (for the most part), I feel more balanced. It feels like I have more control over my fitness, food and life than I had when I was trying to “fix” my life to fit what I thought it needed. For example, as a Diplomat, it is recommended that lunch is the biggest meal of the day. I used to have a smaller lunch to allow for afternoon snacking, however the snacks were never enough and I felt perpetually hungry. By increasing my lunch meal (and generally eating later in the day) I am no longer hungry in the afternoon, and I am no longer snacking while making the kids dinner.

What have you found the most useful about ph360 app ‘Shae’?

I love that the Shaefit app is able to track everything and remind you of all the recommendations for you all in one place. I also like that it will personalise your food recommendations based on your personal preferences too.

What did you find most helpful about LA Fit’s ph360 health coaching?

The coaching was really useful, especially in regards to understanding the recommendations for my health type. It was also fun and interesting to discover what the other health types were recommended too, as it presents a complete picture, e.g. when discussing nutrition, it was commented on that the Activator recommendations for eating schedule was similar to most eating plans developed by PTs because most PTs are Activators, and would recommend doing what works for them!

Would you recommend ph360 to a friend, and what would you say?

I would definitely recommend ph360 to anyone who wants to understand more about optimal timing for our daily routines. This is not just about fitness, or nutrition, its about how we live our lives and how to listen to our bodies to get the most out of it. Chronobiology (the timing of our biological systems) is a huge interest of mine, but my previous focus was mostly on sleep. Understanding how everything else ties in really completes the picture, and helps me understand more of how and why my body is different to someone else’s.

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Team LA Fit