Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Team LA Fit



Lagree Fitness Instructor, Ride Instructor

What do you bring to class? 

Good vibes! Plus, I love my music so there’s always going to be a song in there to sing out to. 

What do you love about Lagree?

Lagree is an incredible method that enables you to move and strengthen the whole body while creating that mind & body connection. To get that burn and shake in 45 mins and to leave feeling so challenged but refreshed at the same time is rare. It’s important having a class that I can focus solely on me and what I need so I can show up outside of class and be my best self (especially since becoming a mum). The space feels transformative and the motivation/support from the instructors is like none other. I hope to make anyone who comes into my classes feel the same way supported, strong and accomplished.

What do you love about Ride?

When you’re in the room nothing else matters but the beat you are riding to. You can be yourself, let go, have fun and walk out feeling like you can take on anything. 

What do you love about LA Fit? 

It feels like a second home and is so nice to be surrounded by like minded people. The support is always there and it’s just a super positive place.