Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

You can’t out train a bad diet

Consistency over perfection

When was the last time you said…

‘I’ve just worked off that pizza I had last night’
‘I can eat anything I want tonight now I’ve exercised’

We have all said something like this once or twice. If only it was that easy!

You might be active every day hitting Megaformer or Ride with high intensity, but if your diet is rubbish, it will either amount to nothing, or you won’t see enough results to warrant all that hard work. It’s really easy to overestimate how many calories we burn through exercise and underestimate the number we eat.

Whilst exercise is critically important to all aspects of health, when it comes to fat loss, healthy eating is king with consistency over perfection being key! 

Here are my hot tips for Megaformer Challenge:

  • Check out the Megaformer Challenge Nutrition Plan! 
  • Write a 7 day diary of what you eat and drink. It’s the mindless snacking and boredom eating that takes you by surprise. It adds up pretty quickly! Feeling hungry? Drink a glass of water first, as 70% of the time – you’re just thirsty. 
  • Aim to consume fewer calories that you expend. (This doesn’t mean overeating on training days and fasting or starving yourself on rest days, which creates an unhealthy ‘yo-yo’ dieting mindset.) No idea how to work this out? Just follow the nutrition plan! We’ve done all the hard work for you. You’ll see the results and over time will learn to adjust all your favourite meals to be that bit healthier. 
  • Remember that organisation is key! Put on your fave podcast and get that meal prep done. 
  • Foods which are high in sugar spike our glucose levels which results in more insulin being secreted. Insulin is the hormone involved in moving glucose out of the blood stream. When insulin is high it is it very difficult to lose body fat because it is a fat storage hormone. Keeping our diet low in sugar means that when we exercise our body will prioritise body fat stores, rather than needing to burn off the sugar glucose first. 
  • You know we love a glass of bubbles but during Challenge keep your booze intake to a minimum. While we are consuming alcohol our body is unable to break down any energy consumed from fat, protein and carbohydrate, meaning anything we eat when we drink, we store.

See you in the studio. You’re half way through Challenge… you’ve got this!

Lou Williams – Clients Relations