Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Ride for Mind and Body











You love your Rhythm Ride class, but did you know it’s one of the best forms of cardio out there? 

Cycling is non-weight-bearing, which helps to protect your joints from injury. And there are heaps of other benefits to feel great about, for your body and for your mind. 

Read on for the top 10 reasons why Rhythm Ride is one of our favourite classes of all time!

  1. Burn 350-500 calories per 45-minute sesh. Your body will slowly start to replace more fat with muscle – which burns calories, instead of storing them. 
  2. Develop lean, toned muscles. Quads and glutes, we’re looking at you!
  3. Increase stamina and endurance. You can do this by adding resistance to your dial, building the amount of time spent out of the saddle or increasing the number of classes you attend per week
  4. Pump up your max oxygen intake (VO2 max). Over time, cycling helps your body supply more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles through greater blood flow, leading to greater gains.
  5. Release more brain-boosting chemicals. Hello serotonin, norepinephrine, BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), dopamine and good ol’ endorphins! Get a rush of the good stuff after each Rhythm Ride session. These will leave you buzzing for hours after class.
  6. Collective effervescence. In a Rhythm Ride class we move as one, one community, one pack. The more you get your heart rate up, the closer you feel to the people around you, and adding music enhances the effect. 
  7. Better relationships. Studies show that on days when people exercise, they report more positive interactions with friends and family.
  8. Improve posture and balance. Cycling on a well-adjusted bike will help to strengthen your core, stabilising your trunk and helping you comfortably maintain a straight back.
  9. Slow the ageing process. Rhythm Ride is low impact and builds strength around the important joints of the knee and ankle.
  10. Lower your risk of chronic disease. Frequent cardio exercise is a great way to both lower LDL cholesterol and to improve your glucose tolerance, lowering your risk of heart disease and type II diabetes. 

Focus on getting at least 3 Ride sessions in per week to start seeing sustained health and fitness benefits. Especially now during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to prioritise your mental health with healthy exercise habits. You’ll be feeling great from head to toe in no time at all!

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