Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Unlimited Ride

Ride is Perth’s first rhythm ride indoor cycling class.

Ride is more than a fitness class, it’s an experience. Think less cycle class, more dance party.

Moments of high intensity interval training, moving meditation and light weights to tone the upper body make this a full body cardio workout unlike any other. Our rockstar instructors, 45 minutes of inspiring tunes and the shared energy in the room will leave you feeling stronger, more inspired.

Turning up will become the best part of your day.


Sign up for our Ride Membership today and get unlimited classes for $70pw. You will make time, you will have fun, you will feel real results!

Unlimited Ride Membership

  • For the die hards
  • Daily access (2 class max)
  • $10 per day