Megaformer Challenge Winner – Jenny Robinson

Lagree Fitness

Left to right - Studio Owner Jaye, member Jenny and Studio Owner Claire

Jenny Robinson is an IT Specialist and mum of two. She wowed us with her dedication in our Megaformer Challenge last year.

Jenny’s results speak for themselves. She lost 5.25 kilos, 8.5% body fat, and over 3cm off her thighs. These results secured her 3rd position in the challenge, and won her a Lululemon voucher to congratulate her for her efforts.

We caught up with Jenny to find out how she fit Megaformer into her busy schedule, and how she felt making in the top 3. 

What motivated you to sign up to Megaformer Challenge?

I’d been doing Megaformer a couple of times a week for two years. It kept me strong and active, but I hadn’t really gotten back to being myself body wise. I thought the challenge was just the motivation I needed to get me going. 

Congratulations on coming in the top 3! How did you do it?

I committed to 4-5 classes a week, ate well and cut out alcohol for the challenge. 

You work full-time and have two young kids. How did you find fitting the challenge in around your work and family commitments? 

I have a supportive husband and family who help out with kids. Early morning classes before everyone in my house was awake was my easiest way to fit it all in. 

Do you have any tips for busy mums who want to make fitness a priority?

Exercise is my "me" time, and that's important to make time for. Find times that work for you and your family, and get them on board in supporting you.

Your results were incredible. How did you feel after you finished?

The place I noticed it the most physically was my waist. Clothes fit better and I felt healthier. But the biggest change was my mental state. I worried less and didn’t sweat on the little things. 


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