Ride Challenge… Week 4 with KP

Ride Challenge… Week 4 with KP

LA Fit Studio Ride Challenge

COMPASSION and re-evaluation.

Our Ride instructor, KP gets you through Week 4

Let’s have some real talk.

You set a goal to complete 20 classes in 5 weeks. 

That’s what you set out to do a couple of weeks ago. Now maybe you’re fitter, faster and stronger than when you started – maybe you want to revise the goal you set at the start of the challenge.

Now that we’re at around the half way point – are you on track to complete the 20 classes?

Maybe you’re ahead and you’ve already done 20 classes in 3 weeks – in which case you can just sit at home reading this and polishing your halo… #actuallytho – you can’t btw – we want to see your gorgeous self on the bike!!

But you, the rider over there who has missed a couple of classes, who’s not necessarily on track to complete the 20 classes without taking on Lance Armstrong’s training schedule… Or you ate a whole container of ice cream, or drank a whole bottle of wine, or whatever… and your nutrition plan is somewhere so “safe” that you can’t find it…

Maybe there are some feelings coming up about not being on track towards the goal you set at the beginning of the challenge?

Kelly Dalby has a little gem which really helps me if I feel down on myself – ask yourself if the thought you’re having is relevant? Helpful? Kind? And if it’s not any of those things it’s not serving you right now. 

Does it serve you to get down on yourself?
When compassion would work so much better!

Start where you are – it's week 3.

  • how many classes would you need to complete to finish the 20 you committed to?
  • is this realistic?
  • do you need to revise the total and individualise your challenge?
  • do you need to set a new success metric?

Use what you have:

  • do you have the resources to recommit?
  • are you tapped out?
  • do you need to get to release class to manage your muscle soreness?

Do what you can:

  • can you move some things in your schedule to allow you to participate in more classes?
  • can you swap your mega classes to combos?

And know that your work in service of your success metric is never wasted – every action you take in service of your goals, however small is a step towards a fitter and healthier you.

KP xo  


Don't forget we're holding FREE release classes for challengers during October.
Reduce tension and reduce post-class fatigue so you can perform at your best on the bike! 

Tuesday 7.30pm Highgate with KP or Kelly D
Saturday 12.30pm Subiaco with Stephen


Ride Challenge... Week 4 with KP
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