Madi Horsfall5

Madi’s 18th Bday at LA FIt

Our gorgeous member Madi recently turned 18 and what better place to celebrate than her happy place! Madi rounded up…

Shane Collard

Lagree-inspired home workout

Stuck at home? Shane has your back (and your booty) with this at-home slider workout.



Introducing Mums and Bubs

Our 4-week mums and bubs workshop series is designed to get mums back into Lagree Fitness. 


Introducing Mega-Meditation

Our Mega-Meditation class will lead you through a yogic inspired sequence of stretching postures and Megaformer moves.


How Often Should You Be Training?

We give you the facts.


New timetable from August 1st

It's all happening here… our new timetable lands on August 1st!


Welcome to Our New Megaformer Instructor Bek Antonucci…

Welcome to our newest Lagree Fitness instructor Bek Antonucci!


Megaformer Challenge winners revealed

Drumroll please… our top 10 are revealed!


Megaformer Challenge Final Week – Acknowledgement

It's the final week of Megaformer Challenge! You've all worked so hard – congrats on making it this far! This week we acknowledge what we have achieved, and focus on loving kindness.


Megaformer Challenge Week 4 – You Can’t Ever Go Back

It’s Week 4. You're stronger, more organised (fitting in the classes), eating better (the nutrition plan) so now you're this EXPANDED version of yourself and who you used to be… what’s next?


Megaformer Challenge – Are You Meeting Your Expectations?

We’re now at Week 3 of Megaformer Challenge! This is an opportunity to reflect on your progress, make changes if you’ve gone off track, and celebrate your achievements so far.


Megaformer Challenge Week 3 – I’m Stronger

At Week 3 of Megaformer Challenge your body has adapted to the movement patterns you’ve been learning on the Megaformer. Are you feeling stronger?