Megaformer Challenge Week 4 – You Can’t Ever Go Back

It’s Week 4. You're stronger, more organised (fitting in the classes), eating better (the nutrition plan) so now you're this EXPANDED version of yourself and who you used to be… what’s next?


Megaformer Challenge – Are You Meeting Your Expectations?

We’re now at Week 3 of Megaformer Challenge! This is an opportunity to reflect on your progress, make changes if you’ve gone off track, and celebrate your achievements so far.


Megaformer Challenge Week 3 – I’m Stronger

At Week 3 of Megaformer Challenge your body has adapted to the movement patterns you’ve been learning on the Megaformer. Are you feeling stronger?


Megaformer Challenge Week 2 – Body Awareness

Last week we worked to stay present with each moment as it happened. It's now Week 2. Let’s be more specific – paying particular attention to our bodies.


Your Weekend Survival Guide for Megaformer Challenge

Put down that cocktail! Do you overindulge during the weekend? You’re not alone! Here's how to stay on track.


Megaformer Challenge Week 1 – Get Present

It's Week 1 and it's time to get present with KP.


Megaformer Challenge… the nutrition plan

Our resident nutritionist Kelley Sloan breaks down what to expect from the nutrition plan


Megaformer Challenge – Find Your Why

With Megaformer Challenge upon us, Jacinta discusses the importance of understanding what the challenge means to you.


Megaformer Challenge Winner – Jenny Robinson

Jenny Robinson took our third place in the Megaformer Challenge last year.  We caught up with Jenny to find out how she fit Megaformer into her busy schedule, and how she felt making in the top 3.


Ride with KTX Fitness at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel

See you for the ultimate Sunday (sweat) sesh on Sun 17 Feb!


Ride Challenge… 1123 Rides and a few roses later!

1123 Rides, 803 award points and a few rosés later….  


Ride Challenge… Week 5 with KP

One week to go… let's do this!